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Hometown Bar-B-Que

Arguably the best BBQ in New York City, the picture below speaks for itself. Hometown BBQ in Red Hook, Brooklyn is doing things right. Yes, it’s a little bit of a trek to get there (for all you Manhattanites), but it’s worth the journey. The menu is filled with brisket, pulled pork and lamb belly, as well as artery-clogging sides like mac and cheese. Top it all off with a brunch Bloody Mary with candied bacon and you’ve got yourself quite the meal.

Tip – check them out on weekends when there is live country music, but get there early or you’ll be stuck waiting in a VERY long line.

Hometown BBQ

Hometown Bar-B-Que Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Fox Bros BBQ

Fox Bros BBQ – 1238 Dekalb Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to leave these two photos right here. What we’re talking about is some of the best beef brisket I’ve ever had. Fox Bros BBQ in Atlanta, Georgia makes my list as one of the top BBQ spots around. It looks a little grungy, you can smell the BBQ a mile away and paper towels take the place of napkins. When at Fox Bros, go for the beef brisket. It has a charred, smoky exterior and dissolves in your mouth – no chewing required.

Fox Bros. BBQ Beef Brisket and Tater Tots

Fox Bros. BBQ Beef Brisket and Tater Tots in Atlanta, Georgia

Big Apple Barbecue – This Weekend!

What are you doing this weekend? If your answer doesn’t involve the Big Apple Barbecue, you’re missing out. This annual event is being held this weekend from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Madison Square Park. We’re talking about some of the best barbecue from across the country. This event is always packed so if you’re looking to go I recommend getting there early or else you’ll spend the afternoon standing in very long lines. 

Big Apple Barbecue Pulled Pork
Photo courtesy of Big Apple Barbecue

Now That’s What Ketchup Should Taste Like – Ballymaloe’s Irish Ketchup

Move over, Heinz, Ballymaloe Gourmet Irish Ketchup just opened my eyes to what ketchup should really taste like.

Ballymaloe Gourmet Irish Ketchup

I gave Ballymaloe a try the other night and my taste buds woke up with flavor. Yes, I know we’re only talking about ketchup here, but give Ballymaloe a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Compared to what you’re used to, this ketchup is a much richer in color. It’s made of 100% natural ingredients, and only nine of them. In fact, it’s so flavorful that you can literally see the different spices sprinkled throughout.

Ballymaloe Gourmet Irish Ketchup on Burger

I put some of this ketchup on a turkey burger and it added A LOT of flavor. I shouldn’t have seasoned the meat because the ketchup delivered everything this burger needed.

Thumbs up to Ballymaloe. Next time I need ketchup, I know what I’m grabbing.

Please note: Barton’s Bites received free product from Ballymaloe. 

All-You-Can-Eat Barbecue at The Strand in Astoria

We Heart Astoria, one of the top blogs in Astoria, will be announcing the winners of its annual Best of Astoria Awards – and it’s doing so in style. They’re partnering with The Strand Smokehouse for an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink party on Thursday, March 27 from 6-9 p.m. Tickets are $35/each and they’re going fast! Buy your ticket now!

We Heart Astoria The Strand

Meat Week 2014

Calling all barbecue lovers – it’s Meat Week 2014 – the only national week-long holiday devoted to the celebration of barbecued meats. That’s right, a whole week to celebrate delicious barbecue goodness.

For eight nights straight, friends and strangers gather together at restaurants across the country to eat barbecue. New York City has a bunch of great restaurants on the list. To RSVP for any of these nights, visit the website and sign up!

  • 1/27 – Fette Sau
  • 1/28 – Tres Carnes
  • 1/29 – BrisketTown
  • 1/30 – Mighty Quinn’s
  • 1/31 – Mable’s Smokehouse
  • 2/1 – The Strand Smokehouse
  • 2/2 – Hometown Bar-B-Que

Meat Week Logo

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque – Smorgasburg and Various Locations, New York

As a barbecue obsessed individual, when I saw Mighty Quinn’s occupying a stall at Smorgasburg a few weekends ago, I knew I’d found lunch.

Mighty Quinn's Brisket Sandwich

Mighty Quinn’s Brisket Sandwich

Pit Master Hugh Mangum abides by slow-cooking his high quality barbecue meats with plenty of wood and time. The freshly-sliced brisket is topped with a light sprinkling of sea salt and some delicious barbecue sauce. It’s a picture-perfect combination. I almost didn’t want to take a bite.

Mighty Quinn's Brisket Sandwich

Mighty Quinn’s Brisket Sandwich

Wow! What a brisket sandwich! The meat had a perfectly charred black exterior giving way to a red smoke ring interior. I can see why Mighty Quinn’s is a top spot among barbecue lovers – this was delicious. My only complaint was that the brisket could have been a little juicer. I thought it was somewhat dry and could have had a little bit more fat on it.

Next stop – checking out one of Mighty Quinn’s restaurant locations, which are based on the fast casual cafeteria model (and ordering the entire menu). Anyone want to join?

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque on Urbanspoon

Blue Smoke Barbecue

Blue Smoke – 116 East 27th Street, Manhattan, New York

Credited as the founder of New York City’s barbecue movement, Blue Smoke is a combination of hardcore barbecue and culinary artfulness. I’d previously been to Jazz Standard, Blue Smoke’s basement-level jazz club serving up delicious barbecue and soulful sounds. On this trip, I gave the upstairs restaurant a try and left a happy man.

Creekstone Farms Texas Beef Brisket

Creekstone Farms Texas Beef Brisket

The menu at Blue Smoke takes you along a barbecue-filled path – with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken and sausage populating the menu.

Creekstone Farms Texas Beef Brisket

Creekstone Farms Texas Beef Brisket

The beef brisket comes with your choice of lean or marbled meat, and mashed potatoes topped with crispy onions. Word of advice, go with the marbled brisket. The ring of fat adds a huge burst of flavor. This brisket was out of this world amazing. It literally dissolved in my mouth, no chewing necessary. Incredible flavor. The only downside was the portion size. I would have preferred some more meat for the $20 price. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich

The pulled pork sandwich was also good, although it didn’t come close to the brisket. It definitely is better than the pulled pork at Blue Smoke’s outlet shop at Citi Field. There was a solid amount of meat here and it was doused in a vinegar barbecue sauce.

Sweet Potato Wedge Fries with Maple Dip

Sweet Potato Wedge Fries with Maple Dip

The sweet potato wedges with maple dip were enormous. We literally must have had two full potatoes cut up on our plate. They had a generous sprinkling of course salt on the skin. The maple dip appeared to be mayo-based and had a hint of maple flavor. I had thought the dip would be straight up maple syrup and would have preferred that instead.

Toothpicks and Wet-Naps at the End of the Meal

Toothpicks and Wet-Naps at the End of the Meal

The best way to close out a meal? With toothpicks and Wet-Naps. Blue Smoke graciously brought these out with our check and it was a really nice touch.

The Verdict

Blue Smoke has my vote for some of the best beef brisket around. Melt in your mouth deliciousness is what I’m talking about. Prices may be a little expensive for what you get, but that’s one of the only downfalls here. I’d definitely go back for some great barbecue around Madison Square Park. 

Blue Smoke on Urbanspoon

The Best Barbecue in New York City

The 4th of July is tomorrow and that means it’s time to get the grill out. There will be plenty of barbecues across the country, but for those in New York City without a grill handy, check out this list of the top barbecue spots in the city. The pictures alone will leave your mouth watering. The top spots, according to Gothamist:

Barbecue in New York City
Delicious barbecue. Photo courtesy of

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