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Happy Pi Day! Now about about this gem of a pizza from MOD Pizza, a fast-casual build-your-own pizza restaurant where you pick the toppings and they whip up a custom pizza – in a matter of minutes. Mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, buffalo and marinara sauce equal a spicy pizza.

MOD Pizza Calexico Willow Grove, PA


Jimmy G’s Steaks

When you go to Philadelphia you get a cheesesteak. On a recent trip, I opted to skip the popular Pat’s, Gino’s and Tony Luke’s cheesesteak institutions and try Jimmy G’s Steaks.

One of the newest cheesesteak spots to hit the Philly scene, Jimmy G’s is only a few years old. It’s located in the Spring Garden area of Philly and has a sleek shiny steel interior and outdoor seating area. This place has also fully embraced social media, with TV screens and billboards showcasing recent Yelp reviews and photos.

After devouring a cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz and onions and some fries, I have to say Jimmy G’s can compete with the best of them. The bread was extremely fresh, the meat well-seasoned and nothing beats Cheez Whiz. Check them out next time you’re looking for something that’s a little less crowded than the usual spots.

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MOD Pizza

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The New York City lunch scene is dominated by build-your-own salad places. That’s all good and great, but what if you replaced that salad with a pizza?

I give you MOD Pizza, a fast-casual build-your-own pizza restaurant where you pick the toppings and they whip up a custom pizza. And don’t worry, you won’t be waiting around for 20 minutes like regular pizza places. The MOD team has perfected the art of turning around a finished product super quick – in a matter of minutes.

I recently checked out MOD Pizza in Willow Grove and loved it. The restaurant was bright, airy and gave off the vibe of a place I’d want to sit down at, relax and dominate a pizza.

Instead of picking my own toppings, I opted to try one of MOD’s own creations, the Caspian. We’re talking a pizza made with mozzarella, gorgonzola, BBQ chicken, BBQ sauce and sliced red onions. Love at first sight (and taste).

The Caspian hit the spot. The pizza came out in a matter of minutes, tasted great and had an enormous amount of toppings. I’m sure this place is a hit for the weekday lunch crowd. For the price, you can’t beat MOD. It has to be one of the best deals in town.

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The Philly Cheesesteak: The Why & The How

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to visit cities popular for specific foods, Philadelphia and the Philly cheesesteak is definitely on your list. Thanks to VISIT PHILADELPHIA, when you make the trip to Philly you can now know how to order this iconic sandwich like a local and what makes it so great.

Everyone has their favorite spot for a cheesesteak, but here are a few notable places to check out:

  • Cosmi’s Deli is a relative newcomer among the cheesesteak contenders, winning recent accolades from Philadelphia magazine.1501 S. 8th Street, (215) 468-6093,
  • It may be across the street from the oldest cheesesteak joint in town,but Geno’s Steaks is a formidable competitor going roll for roll with Pat’s for nearly five decades. 1219 S. 9th Street, (215) 389-0659,
  • The brisket cheesesteak at Jake’s Sandwich Board can be adorned with either mild provolone and caramelized onions or, less conventionally, wasabi spread and crunchy onions. 122 S. 12th Street, (215) 922-0102,
  • Jim’s Steaks has multiple locations, but the classic smell of fried onions wafting down South Street makes that outpost a memorable one. 400 South Street, (215) 928-1911,
  • A small shack amidst shopping plazas, John’s Roast Pork is frequently cited as one of the city’s top steak spots. Its secret weapon? A crusty seeded roll. 14 Snyder Avenue, (215) 463-1951,
  • The original home of the cheesesteak, Pat’s King of Steaks is still owned and operated by the Olivieri family.9th Street & Passyunk Avenue, (215) 468-1546,
  • Rick’s Philly Steaks is a third-generation spinoff of Pat’s, started by the “Prince of Steaks” Rick Olivieri,who exported his cheesesteak savvy to Kennett Square. 148 W. State Street, Kennett Square, (610) 444-7425,
  • With rolls from Conshohocken bakery, a plethora of cheese choices and daily-cut sirloin, Spot Burger’s food cart has been repeatedly named a favorite among cheesesteak lovers. Locations vary, (484) 620-6901,
  • Every sandwich at the award-winning Tony Luke’s is worth ordering, and the deliciousness now spans multiple locations across state lines.

Conshohocken Cafe Puts a New Twist on Traditional Brunch Favorites

Restaurant: Conshohocken Cafe– 521 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Around the Conshohocken, Pennsylvania area and looking for a great place for brunch? Check out Conshohocken Cafe.


Conshohocken Cafe is a casual, family-friendly restaurant. The interior consists of a bar lining the right side of the restaurant and a good amount of tables as you walk further back. The tables are made of wooden planks, giving off the feel of a true country restaurant. Including the bar, the place probably fits around 40 or so people.

Conshohocken Cafe Menu
Weekend Brunch Menu


I immediately fell in love with the weekend brunch menu at this place. Filled with everything ranging from spinach quiche to pumpkin pie french toast, brunch options were extremely decadent and provided creative twists on traditional favorites. I decided on ordering:

  • Sunrise Surf and Turf: two crab cakes topped with crispy bacon, melted American, and two sunny eggs served open-faced on two slices of Le Bus country white toast and drizzled with sriracha aioli on a plate with roasted potatoes and fresh fruit
Sunrise Surf and Turf
Sunrise Surf and Turf

Wow. I definitely made the right choice. This dish was absolutely delicious as Conshohocken Cafe put a twist on the traditional crab cake benedict. The crab cakes were a great size, providing an ample amount of crab meat. The eggs were cooked perfectly, letting them run over the bread as you broke into them and encouraging you to use the toast to soak it all up. On top of all this, the sriracha aioli gave the entire dish a spicy kick, something you don’t get in a traditional benedict. I gladly welcomed it. The roasted potatoes were good as well. However, the main part of this dish stole the show.


The service was great. The servers, which were for the most part young (I’d guess they were most likely in their late teens), were on top of every table and continually refilled water glasses, coffees and made sure everyone was happy. The food came out promptly after we ordered and, even though the place was busy, we weren’t rushed out and had the opportunity to sit and relax as coffees were finished.


For what I received, as well as the quality of the food, the $15 I paid for the Sunrise Surf and Turf was right on par. I hesitate to say I’d even have paid a little more for this meal – it was just that good. I left with an extremely full stomach and a smile on my face. I’ll gladly pay $15 for that.

The Verdict

Conshohocken Cafe is a great weekend brunch destination. They do a great job providing creative alternatives and additions to traditional brunch favorites. I loved every minute of my meal and can’t wait to head back to check out some more of their brunch options. Next time I’m in the area I definitely will be back and highly recommend it.

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