Who doesn’t love snacking? I hadn’t heard of NatureBox before, but I must say that after checking them out, I’m a convert.

Imagine this – every month, a box full of delicious and healthy, nutritionist-approved snacks gets delivered right to you door. Then next month, another box arrives filled with either snacks you personally select or a random assortment curated by the NatureBox team. Next month, another box, and so on.

NatureBox has arrived!

In my first NatureBox delivery I received apple pie oat clusters, cranberry pepita crisps, harvest rice sticks, praline pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie nom noms. I can easily say that everything was delicious.

Let’s see what’s inside

I’m always struggling to find the perfect mid-afternoon snack at work and NatureBox just solved my problem. Gone are the days of boring granola bars or bland pita chips. Snacking just stepped up its game.

NatureBox Apple Pie Oat Clusters and Cranberry Pepita Chips
Delicious apple pie oat clusters and cranberry pepita chips

Give NatureBox a try (they offer a free trial) and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Prices range from $15.95/month to $19.95/month depending on what plan you select. I definitely spend more than $20/month on snacks so this is a great option to both give my snacking some variety and save some money.

Please note: I received a complimentary NatureBox.