Looking to sample the culinary delights of Spain, Chile, Italy, Argentina or France? How about you stay a little more local and give Washington State a try? Thanks to Omni Hotels & Resorts you can now taste all that Washington State has to offer just by visiting an Omni location.

Each year Omni Hotels & Resorts introduces a new “Flavors of the World” chapter created to provide guests an authentic culinary experience. “Flavors of the World” is back again this spring with a spotlight on the wines of Washington State. “Taste Washington” features many of Washington State’s best wines in Omni bars and restaurants across the U.S., accompanied by a food pairing menu of Washington-inspired cuisine. The program runs from March 1 through May 31, 2014 so hurry up and get going!

I had the chance to check out the dishes Omni chefs will be serving up and I can say with confidence that you won’t be disappointed.

Handmade Washington Cheeses

How can you say no to Handmade Washington Cheeses served with fig jam, honey and olives? These were some delicious Washington State cheeses spanning the entire palate.

Dungeness Crab Fritters

Dungeness Crab Fritters were served with a smoked tomato and bacon mayo. These were delicious. You could really taste the crab and they certainly weren’t overly fried. The smoked tomato and bacon mayo had just the right hint of bacon so it didn’t completely overpower the taste of the fritters.

Roasted Salmon

The Roasted Salmon didn’t disappoint either. I watched the chef cook these up and he did so with perfect precision. It had a delicious seared and slightly crispy outside with a hint of salt. Delicious.

Cider Braised Short Rib

The Cider Braised Short Rib was melt-in-your-mouth good. This chunk of beef melted away from my fork when I tried to cut into it.

Granny Apple Crisp

Sorry to say this mom, but the Granny Apple Crisp may give you a run for your money! This apple pie is close to the best I’ve ever had. The apples were thinly sliced, allowing them to become soft and mushy – something that many apple pies don’t do. Topped with a cinnamon/sugar crust, this apple pie had me on a sugar high.

All of these dishes were incredibly flavorful and cooked to perfection. I don’t have any trips on the horizon, but I may just need to stop by the Omni Hotel here in New York City to order up some more!

For more information about Taste Washington, visit http://tastewashington.org.