Bagatelle – One Little West 12th Street, Manhattan, New York

I recently was invited to check out Bagatelle, a Mediterranean bistro located in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District. Wow is all I can say. Holy crap this place is good!

Bagatelle Artwork

Dom F****** Perignon – I’d Call This Edgy Artwork

Call it a bistro if you’d like, but Bagatelle is nothing of the sort. Led by Chef Sébastien Chamaret, Bagatelle transports diners to France to experience traditional French classics, with a big twist. Bagatelle takes everything you expect from a French bistro and kicks it up to the next level. Whether it’s edgy, rotating artwork decorating the spacious white interior or DJs spinning some pop mixes to keep everyone moving, Bagatelle gives off a modern, hip vibe – right on par with its location in the Meatpacking District.

I had the opportunity to try A LOT of food from Bagatelle’s menu and everything was incredibly delicious. A complete list of what I sampled is at the end of the post, but let’s cut straight to the pictures. 

Assorted Charcuterie Platter

Assorted Charcuterie Platter (Assiette de Charcuterie)

An assorted charcuterie platter helped start off the feast and contained an enormous pile of assorted meats – yum.

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartare

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartare (Tartare aux Deux Saumons)

Fresh and smoked Scottish salmon tartar with shallots, salmon caviar and dill crème fraiche was served in a Mason jar circled by olive oil crostini.

Haricots Verts and Smoked Duck Proscuito Salad

Haricots Verts and Smoked Duck Prosciutto Salad (Haricots Verts et Canard Fumé)

Duck in a salad? Why not? The Haricots Verts and Smoked Duck Prosciutto Salad was made up of string beans, radicchio and topped with an ample layer of smoked duck prosciutto and truffle vinaigrette. Delicious

Foie Gras Creme Brulee

Foie Gras Creme Brulee

The Foie Gras Creme Brulee wins the award for most unique dish of the night. That jar is filled with foie gras but it has a layer of caramelized sugar on top. The contrast between the savory foie gras and sweetness of the sugar had my taste buds second guessing themselves all night. This is an awesome dish and a ‘must order.’

Calamari, Parsley Butter, Polenta Cake & Tomato Confit

Calamari, Parsley Butter, Polenta Cake and Tomato Confit (Calamars Snackes au Beurre Aille)

Calamari kicked up a notch with tomato confit, polenta and garlic butter came out in a large saute pan. This dish had a heavy helping of salt which didn’t help the fact that I was already addicted to the polenta and calamari mix. Add in the tomato confit and I was almost fooled into thinking this was actually good for me!

Parisian Truffle Gnocchi

Parisian Truffle Gnocchi (Gnocchi Truffes à la Parisienne de Nicolas)

Another favorite was the Parisian Truffle Gnocchi. This dish is made up of homemade gnocchi with a black truffle pesto filling and truffle sauce. To top it all off, a generous amount of truffle shavings are scattered on top. Wow. This dish oozed truffle deliciousness. The gnocchi was perfectly cooked and seemingly floated through the creamy sauce onto my fork, awaiting the next bite.

Thyme and Parmesan Crusted Scallops

Thyme and Parmesan Crusted Scallops (Coquilles St.Jacques Rôties au Parmesan)

Thyme and Parmesan crusted scallops with artichokes mousseline and a cabernet demi-glace were eloquently lined up down a plate. The crust on these scallops had a nice crunch to it – something I love – instead of a soggy exterior that you occasionally come across.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Grilled Atlantic Salmon (Filet de Saumon Sauvage Grillé)

Grilled wild salmon filets with an asparagus hollandaise sauce and plump pearl onions lined another plate. Notice the focus on the onions. I’m obsessed with them and these were delicious. (Oh yea, the salmon was also incredible.)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Candied Pecans

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Candied Pecans

One of the side dishes I had the chance to try was the Brussels sprouts. Butternut squash and candied pecans were mixed together with Brussels Sprouts and combined to make a colorful and tasty side dish.

Whole Roasted Truffle Chicken and Country Potatoes

Whole Roasted Truffle Chicken and Country Potatoes (Poulet Rôti Entier à la Truffe – Pour Deux)

One of Bagatelle’s signature dishes is its Whole Roasted Truffle Chicken and Country Potatoes. This is a dish served for two and is exactly as it sounds – huge pieces of chicken are served in a saute pan on a bed of country style potatoes. The chicken was very moist and had a subtle truffle flavor. With the presentation and the name, I almost felt as if I should have been on a farm somewhere while eating this.

Cote de Boeuf for Two

Cote de Boeuf for Two

Speaking of meals for two, the Cote de Boeuf for Two is a 26 ounce sliced, natural-fed grilled black angus bone-in ribeye served on a wooden cutting board with a heaping pile of pommes frites. Once again, delicious. The seared exterior of the steak kept all the juices inside and ensured each bite was packed with flavor. They say this dish is for two, I’d like to see the size of those two people.



Time for dessert! Profiteroles on steroids came three to a plate, topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. These guys were enormous. The pastry had a crispy exterior which gave way to a light and hollow interior, leaving more room for the ice cream filling.

Floating Island

Floating Island

A favorite dessert of mine was the Floating Island. This dish consists of meringue floating on vanilla custard. It was extremely light and refreshing – a nice change of pace from the heavier desserts on the table.

The Verdict

Stop reading this and go to Bagatelle! Everything, from the side dishes to the entrees to the drinks to the atmosphere was perfectly presented and captivating. All of the dishes I had the opportunity to try exceeded my expectations and it’s clear that Chef Sébastien Chamaret is doing something right back there. I cannot wait to go back. Next time it’ll be for one of Bagatelle’s famous champagne brunches

*This meal was provided free, courtesy of Bagatelle. A complete listing of everything I ate can be found below. 

Bagatelle Signature’s Dishes

  • Ahi tuna tartare, lime soy vinaigrette, avocado salad and taro chips
  • Bagatelle salad, heart of lettuce, light herb vinaigrette, chopped fresh herbs
  • Parisian truffle gnocchi
  • Whole roasted truffle chicken, country potatoes

Additional Dishes

  • Fresh and smoked salmon tartare
  • White truffle pizza
  • Haricots verts and smoked duck prosciutto salad
  • Assorted charcuterie platter
  • Foie gras creme brulee
  • Calamari, parsley butter, polenta cake and tomato confit
  • Crab and citrus salad
  • Cote de boeuf for two
  • Grilled Atlantic salmon
  • Thyme and parmesan crusted scallops
  • Assorted side dishes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, spinach, truffle fries
  • Apple tarte Tatin
  • Profiteroles
  • Floating island
  • Brioche and pear bread pudding

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