Joe’s Pub – 425 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, New York 

Joe’s Pub is home to one of my favorite events in New York City, the CMA Songwriters Series. These concerts occur about twice a year and feature some of the top country music songwriters, in an intimate setting, playing their hit songs. If you even vaguely like country music, these shows are seriously awesome and you should go check them out. 

Joe's Pub CMA Songwriter Series

CMA Songwriter Series

The venue has communal seating, lit only by candlelight, giving off a dark and sultry atmosphere. And, while I don’t expect a music venue to have great food, Joe’s has a surprisingly tasty menu

Joe's Burger

Joe’s Burger

My favorite menu item, Joe’s Pub burger, comes standard with a burger lover’s trio – cheese, bacon and caramelized onions. Instant heaven. This burger is enormous. Joe’s Pub doesn’t shy away from toppings, as melted American cheese envelopes the burger, oozing down the sides and onto the plate. Gobs of caramelized onions and a healthy serving of bacon top the cheese and beef combo.

Joe's Burger Interior

Joe’s Burger

At first bite you realize how tender and juicy the beef is. The bacon adds a hint of salt as the cooked to order meat dissolves in your mouth. The buns are nothing short of a challenge. They are enormous and put up quite a struggle for those trying to consume all vertical layers of bread, onion, bacon, burger and cheese in one bite.

The fries don’t disappoint either. These thin and crispy potato sticks are doused in salt, perfect to keep you ordering more beer.

The Verdict

I love country music and that’s more than enough to keep me coming back again and again to Joe’s Pub. Seriously, the shows are awesome and you should check them out. A major plus is the delicious food. Joe’s Burger is my go-to meal every time I’m here and it always lives up to my hopes and dreams. Don’t think this place stops at your typical bar food either. The kitchen puts out dishes such as grilled branzino, orecchiette and flat iron steak as well. Great food at a great concert venue, check. 

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