The holiday season is fast approaching. In fact, according to many stores, we’re completely skipping Thanksgiving and going right to Christmas.

The holidays in New York City are filled with checking out the world-famous Christmas tree, ice skating and shopping, all of which are centered around the Rockefeller Center/Fifth Avenue area.

Whenever I’m out and about doing the holiday thing I always find myself asking the same question – “Where in the world am I going to grab a decent bite to eat around here?” Thankfully, Serious Eats has put together a list of the best spots to grab food around the area. The list spans everything from street food to fancy sit-down meals to dessert shops, ensuring you’ll be able to find something to satisfy both your budget and growling stomach.

Check out the interactive map by clicking below!

Serious Eats Rockefeller Center Places to Eat
Click on the map to check out an interactive listing of recommended places to eat