Restaurant: GP’s Gathering Spot – 190 Main Street, East Haven, Connecticut

Restaurants are in the money making business. Yes, the owners, managers and chefs that help run them love food and bringing a smile to diner’s faces, but in the end, if the place doesn’t make money you’re out of luck.

One restaurant, GP’s GatherIng Spot in East Haven, CT, seems to buck this trend. After an email exchange with the co-owners, Frank and Monique, I felt compelled to tell you about all the great philanthropic work they’re doing through their restaurant.

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GP’s Gathering Spot ensures that a portion of its proceeds goes back to the local community as well as to its staff. The owners are driven to support the dreams and aspirations of its employees, whether that be in the restaurant industry or not.

Some great work the restaurant has already done includes:

  • Awarding two scholarships to East Haven children to attend local day camps
  • Providing a financial donation to a local mother so she could give her son a birthday party
  • Donating money to local, national and international causes, such as Modest Needs Foundation and the Peace Corps
  • Awarding a netbook to an East Haven middle school/high school student

GP’s isn’t stopping there. The owners are looking into other resources that will support the local community, including turning part of the restaurant into a culinary arts school for disadvantaged youth.

So, yes there are tons of restaurants you can eat at. However, GP’s stresses that it’s in the restaurant business not for the money, but for a love of culinary arts and the fact that they love helping people make their dreams come true.

I’m rarely, if ever, in East Haven. However, next time I am you better believe I’ll be stopping by GP’s Gathering Spot to say “hi” to Frank and Monique and help them continue to support the local community.

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