No doubt you’ve heard of the Ramen Burger, but how about the ‘Roni Roll? What’s a ‘Roni Roll you ask? From the Forking Tasty brothers, it’s a pasta bun with six different fillings sandwiched in between. Choose from bucatini marinara chicken parm, a capellini fra diavolo meatball, a sage butter linguine veal saltimbocca, a spaghetti carbonara porchetta, fettuccine alfredo lobster or tagliatelle pomodoro eggplant. It’s basically a full on Italian meal in sandwich form. 

The official launch date is TBD but when they do become available you can find them at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg. You can also subscribe here to be the first to hear of any and all ‘Roni Roll news.

Roni Roll
Photo courtesy of Thrillist