Restaurant: Lunchbox – 50 Carroll Creek Way, Frederick, Maryland

Haven’t been to Frederick, Maryland before? Think of a picturesque town with an influx of hip, trendy restaurants – an up-and-coming food scene. One of these awesome spots is Bryan Voltaggio’s take on lunch, Lunchbox.


Located on a scenic man-made canal running through the heart of Frederick, Lunchbox is your typical weekday sandwich spot. No huge thrills and frills on the interior. There are some actual lunchboxes (get it?) decorating the walls and reclaimed wood here and there. Sandwiches are freshly made in the back and displayed for the picking. The interior is a pretty straightforward ‘step up to the counter and order’ sandwich shop.

Frederick Maryland
Beautiful Frederick, Maryland


The menu is where Lunchbox separates itself from your usual sandwich spot. Lunchbox uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and the kitchen staff in turn churns out gourmet sandwiches and salads.

Closeup of Rost Beef at VOLT Lunchbox
Lunchbox Gourmet Sandwiches

I ordered the Roast Beef sandwich – watercress, pickled red onion, meunster, green goddess, seven grain. Upon ordering, the staff heats and presses the sandwich in a panini press and a few minutes later, you’re ready to dive in.

Roast Beef at Volt Lunchbox
Roast Beef Sandwich

The Roast Beef sandwich was delicious. The care put into the sandwich really shone through. From the bread to the roast beef to the cheese, it was evident that all the ingredients were extremely fresh and perfectly assembled. I was especially happy to see that Lunchbox went as far as adding a few grains of course ground salt to the top of the bread, a nice added touch.

These sandwiches aren’t enormous. However, the amount of food is just right for a satisfying lunch and the ingredients are what you’re writing home about anyway. Quality over quantity, people.


Lunchbox is basically a serve yourself type of place. After ordering, sandwiches are quickly heated up and pressed, plated and given to waiting customers. There isn’t much they can screw up and they have the system down pat.


Prices at Lunchbox range from $4.50-$8 for sandwiches and $5-$7 for salads. For the quality of food you’re getting, this is a great deal. I’d order an $8 sandwich from here any day of the week.

The Verdict

Lunchbox is a solid lunch spot in Frederick. I visited during the weekend when the place was pretty empty. However, I was told that during the week there’s a guaranteed line out the door as the work crowd invades Lunchbox for some of their delicious gourmet sandwiches and salads. Next time I’m in Frederick I’d definitely head back to Lunchbox to give some of the other sandwiches on their menu a try. If you’re in the area, stop on by and see what Bryan Voltaggio is cooking up.

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