Restaurant: The French Press – 15290 E. Iliff Avenue, Aurora, Colorado

Searching for a good brunch spot in Aurora, I used the good ‘ol “let’s see what Yelp pulls up” trick to pick a place. I’m glad a did. Yelp was dead on with its through the roof reviews of The French Press.


The French Press sits in a unassuming building in a shopping plaza. The interior looks somewhat like a Starbucks, with a counter where all orders are placed and tables scattered throughout. At the heart of it, The French Press is a laid back coffee shop. However, a huge blackboard spanning nearly the entire length of the restaurant spells out to diners the delicious food that they’re cooking up in back. After ordering, we opted for a seat on the small outside patio.

Coffee Mug at the French Press
Lots of coffee


The French Press does brunch right. I didn’t know what to expect from this place but I was literally blown away by the quality and taste of the food.

The French Press has a plethora of different takes on the traditional eggs benedict. Recognizing this must be one of their specialties, I gave the Carnitas Bennies a try – black beans, fried tortilla, mojo sauce, red pepper relish, hollandaise and poached eggs.

Carnitas Bennies at the French Press
Carnitas Bennies

The Carnitas Bennies came out with a beautiful presentation. Fried tortillas branched out from the center of the dish, almost like spokes, with lots of black beans and pulled pork at the center, topped with two perfectly cooked eggs. The yolks immediately broke and ran throughout the entire dish, giving these non-traditional breakfast ingredients a hint of breakfast flavor.

Zucchini Pancakes at The French Press
Zucchini Pancakes

At the suggestion of the staff, I just had to order to the Zucchini Pancakes. Thank you for making me do so! I’d never seen zucchini pancakes on a menu before but I hope I see them again. Aside from being called pancakes, I would have thought I was eating straight up zucchini bread. The pancakes were loaded with zucchini and were very rich. So much so that I didn’t even need to use any butter or syrup – they were perfect as is. Delicious.

Bennies at the French Press


The service was very friendly. In fact, we found ourselves just chatting away with the woman at the counter. The food came out promptly and the staff reflected the laid back, relaxed atmosphere.


The various types of eggs benedict all hovered around the $10 mark. New York City restaurants take note. What a deal this was! At these prices I should have ordered two!

The Verdict

When everyone around the table unanimously says they’d come back (and actually considers coming back the next day), you know it’s a winner. Next time I’m in Aurora you better believe I’m going to be stopping at The French Press for breakfast. I highly recommend this restaurant. They’re doing pretty much everything right and it shows in the quality of the food they deliver. 

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