Restaurant: Chocolatier BLUE – Larimer Square Walkway, Denver, Colorado

In a small, unassuming basement-level shop in Denver sits Chocolatier BLUE. I’m happy to say this place is home to probably some of the most incredibly decorated chocolates boasting a vast array of flavors.

Chocolatier BLUE Chocolates
Look at those colors!

The chocolates at Chocolatier BLUE are treated like royalty. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Chris Blue, chocolatier and founder, scoured the globe for the best ingredients. From Domori Italian chocolate to Five Star organic butter from California to hand-roasted pistachios from Sicily to Ennis hazelnuts from Washington State (the list goes on and on), only the finest and freshest ingredients were selected.

Chocolates at Chocolatier BLUE
Every flavor you could imagine.

Have a flavor you like? Chocolatier BLUE probably has a chocolate for it. Flavors encompass everything from your non-traditional, such as root beer float, grapefruit mimosa and Bloody Mary, to your more traditional raspberry, dark chocolate and caramel. The ingredients combine for the perfect balance of nuanced flavors.

It’s evident that tremendous care is taken into making each chocolate. A perfect example is the cookies & cream flavor. Actual Oreos are ground into the white chocolate filling. This is just par for the course for Chocolatier BLUE, taking an extra step in all their chocolates to ensure they deliver only the best.

Chocolatier Blue Chocolate
Photo courtesy of Chocolatier Blue

Aside from a top-notch list of ingredients, what sets Chocolatier BLUE apart (at least visually) is how they decorate the chocolates. Dyed cocoa butter is used to create masterpieces on each chocolate. They were so pretty I almost didn’t want to eat them.

Chocolatier BLUE has shops in the Denver, CO, Berkeley, CA and Lincoln and Omaha, NE. In any of those areas? Definitely go check out this place. The best part, they readily give away a free sample when you visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you do visit, make sure you send me some!