Restaurant: Abbottega – 14 Bedford Street, Manhattan, New York

Hailey and I recently checked out Abbottega Ristorante, an Italian restaurant that opened not too long ago in the West Village. Despite being opened only a short time, Abbottega is rich in history. The owner, David Ranucci, has a number of restaurants to his name (mostly in Milan) as well as an emerging intercontinental group of the Abbottega brand in New York City, Milan and Miami.

Interior of Abbottega Ristorante

The history of Abbottega dates back to 1913 and is a living tribute to Ranucci’s grandmother, who still spends her days in the kitchen. As he describes it, “It all began in 1913 when my grandfather Giulio opened his “Osteria” in Montefiascone, a small town with an enchanting view of the lake Bolsena, just 60 miles from Rome…a territory, with a high concentration of mountains and hills. At “Abbottega” in all these years, we have proudly served our traditional meals to our guests (including Cardinals) who used to come to us by carriages, bicycles, motorcycles, antiques automobiles (with drivers always blowing their horns twice) and today, with modern cars equipped with A/C and navigation systems!”

With a life-size photo of Ranucci’s grandmother hanging from the back wall, they’re very much keeping this tradition and old fashioned experience alive here at Abbottega in Manhattan.


Exposed Brick Walls Painted White at Abbottega Risorante
Exposed Brick Walls Painted White

Walking into Abbottega is like being transported from the busy streets of New York City into a quaint Italian restaurant. Exposed brick walls are painted white with solid wood tables scattered throughout the interior. A counter at the entrance features Italian wines, cured meats and cheeses, as well as an area for the chef to make fresh pasta. In fact, there are mounds of it sitting there all ready to be used that same night.

If I were to describe the atmosphere in one word, it would be community. I immediately felt at home, a feeling I’m sure Grandma Ranucci would be happy with.

Fresh Pasta at Abbottega Ristorante
Fresh Pasta is Prepared Daily


Food, food and more food. We were treated to a variety of items off Abbottega’s menu. Yes, it was a lot of food.

  • Crema di Pomodoro e Gamberi: Chilled tomato soup with shrimp
  • Bresaola: Home made cured beef, arugula, shaved parmigiano and truffle oil
  • Carpaccio di Salmone MarinatoSalmon carpaccio, spinach and orange
  • Tonnarelli Cacio e PepePecorino cheese and fresh cracked black pepper
  • Salsiccia alla Brace:  Italian pork sausage, cremini mushrooms and grilled tomatoes
  • Dessert: Yogurt cake, Espresso flan, Chocolate lava cake
Arugula Spread
Arugula Spread

Before all that food was bread, accompanied by a unique spread made up of arugula, potatoes and Parmesan cheese. This was a huge hit between myself and Hailey. You could really taste the arugula and it immediately set Abbottega apart from other restaurants.

Crema di Pomodoro e Gamberi: Chilled tomato soup with shrimp
Crema di Pomodoro e Gamberi: Chilled tomato soup with shrimp

The tomato soup and shrimp was delicious. The soup is made without any cream so it’s very light and comes out ice cold – perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day. I’m not a big fan of tomato soup but I couldn’t get enough of this dish.

Bresaola: Home made cured beef, arugola, shaved parmigiano & truffle oil
Bresaola: Home made cured beef, arugula, shaved parmigiano and truffle oil

The Bresaola was served over arugula with decorative plating accented by more of the delicious arugula spread. This beef was delicious! It literally melted in our mouths and had a tremendous flavor with just the right amount of salt from the curing process.

Carpaccio di Salmone Marinato: Salmon carpaccio, spinach & orange
Carpaccio di Salmone Marinato: Salmon carpaccio, spinach and orange

The Carpaccio di Salmone Marinato consisted of thinly sliced salmon topped with spinach and candied oranges. The spinach was very heavily seasoned with salt, pepper and oil – something I wasn’t complaining about. The candied fruit on the top of this dish played an intergral part, adding a hint of sweetness to each bite – something you don’t typically get in a carpaccio dish.

Ravioli di Carciofi: Artichokes, parmigiano & crispy prosciutto
Ravioli di Carciofi: Artichokes, parmigiano and crispy prosciutto

One of my favorite dishes of the night was the Ravioli di Carciofi. A very thin ravioli was stuffed with artichoke and topped with crispy and salty prosciutto. A light cream sauce was used that was so light you almost didn’t notice it was there. This was delicious. The flavor of artichokes really shone through with the light sauce serving its purpose to accent the flavor instead of drowning the pasta.

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe: Pecorino cheese & fresh cracked black pepper
Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe: Pecorino cheese and fresh cracked black pepper

The Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, while simple, had a complexity to it. The pasta was cooked al dente, as it should be, and tasted like it was literally made a few minutes ago. You can’t get any fresher than that. The sauce had a slight kick to it, reminding you it was there and giving this dish a warmth.

Salsiccia alla Brace:  Italian pork sausage, cremini mushrooms & grilled tomatoes
Salsiccia alla Brace: Italian pork sausage, cremini mushrooms and grilled tomatoes

Before dessert, our final dish of the night was the Salsiccia alla Brace. Sweet Italian pork sausage was topped with cremini mushrooms and laid on top of onions and grilled cherry tomatoes. I really liked how the sausage was cooked. It had some burnt areas to it and that extra char had me reminiscing about grilling sausage in my backyard. I liked this dish, but struggled to love it. Unfortunately, the flavors just didn’t go far enough for me.

Dessert: Yogurt cake, Espresso panna cotta, Chocolate lava cake
Dessert: Yogurt cake, Espresso flan, Chocolate lava cake

Dessert consisted of three different items – yogurt cake, Espresso flan and chocolate lava cake. The yogurt cake had a hint of lemon to it and was served with a delicious dark chocolate ganache. The ganache was slightly bitter and perfectly accented the yogurt cake. The chocolate lava cake had a layer of whipped cream around it that served as a bed for the molten chocolate that flowed out of this as soon as its skin was pierced. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chocolate lava cake I didn’t like. This was no exception and the layer of whipped cream on the outside was only a plus. The most unique dessert was the espresso flan. The flan had a strong coffee flavor and was topped with a thin layer of coffee grounds. I loved the grittiness of the grounds and the overpowering coffee flavor. Definitely no need to order a cup of coffee after this dessert.


The service at Abbottega was incredible. Going back to what I said about a communal feel, it really did feel like I was eating in my grandmother’s kitchen and she was serving up a feast. The team at Abbottega did everything under the sun to make sure diners were happy.


Prices range from $14 for salads, $14-$15 for appetizers, $13-$16 for pasta and $20-$24 for entrees. For what you get, these prices are a huge value.

The Verdict

I’m adding Abbottega to my list of some of the best Italian food I’ve had in New York City. A communal feel, simple, yet delicious food, incredible service – this restaurant seems to have it all. There are very few places that can make you feel like you’re eating in your grandmother’s kitchen, Abbottega is one of them. I can’t wait to head back.

*This meal was provided free, courtesy of Abbottega. 

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