Restaurant: Outer Borough – LIC Flea & Food, corner of 46th Avenue and 5th Street, Long Island City, New York

Long Island City is home to the newest outdoor summer flea and food market, the LIC Flea & Food. There are some great local food vendors there, such as Outer Borough, which serves up some great Taiwanese comfort food.

Outer Borough Taiwanese Comfort Food
Outer Borough Taiwanese Comfort Food

Outer Borough is inspired by the street dining of Taiwan, recreating the experience in New York City. I ordered up one of their Beef Rolls, a crispy scallion pancake wrapped over thinly sliced braised beef with cucumbers, cilantro and Borough sauce.

Outer Borough Beef Roll
Beef Roll

A scallion pancake was cooked on a flat top grill with all the fixings wrapped inside. It was served warm and cut in half into two large pieces. On a hot day, this roll was surprisingly refreshing thanks to lots of cucumber and cilantro. The Borough sauce made the beef a little bit tangy. I would have preferred it to be more thinly sliced, it was instead more like chunks, but it was still delicious and not overcooked so it was easy to chew through with the other ingredients in the roll.

The Beef Roll was a good size and filled me up. I’d order it again in a heartbeat. Out of all the food vendors at the LIC Flea & Food, Outer Borough really caught my eye. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they’re going to be cooking up!