Restaurant: Five Points – 31 Great Jones Street, Manhattan, New York

I, along with Hailey, my brother and his girlfriend, Hayley, met up with my Aunt Thea a few weekends ago to grab brunch and check out Five Points. Hat tip to Hayley for selecting a solid brunch spot.


We made a reservation for 11 a.m. on a Sunday and I’m glad we did. From the outside, Five Points gives off a very unassuming vibe. However, we took a step inside and the restaurant was buzzing with diners chowing away and staff quickly moving about. It looked like practically every table was packed. If you’re going, make reservations.

Exterior of Five Points Restaurant

Five Points defines open atmosphere. The restaurant consists of an initial bar area and then opens up to a spacious single room filled with tables. Lots of natural sunlight is used to light the room as well as a single row of hanging overhead lights. Fake windows run along the top of the walls and the ceiling is slightly curved. It definitely gives off a ‘barn-like’ feel with the way its decorated.

Interior of Five Points Restaurant
Spacious Interior


Whether it’s a brunch cocktail(s) or food, Five Points has a menu that covers all the bases. They have a number of different types of Bloody Marys – traditional, Bluegrass, Mexican, Texas Bull – with a variety of ingredients and all delicious. For food, I tasted:

  • Breakfast Sausage Benedict: poached eggs, cheddar scone, hollandaise
  • Angry Frittataegg whites, asparagus, greens, fontina, melted onions, hot hot jam
  • Side of breakfast sausage
  • Side of home fries
Breakfast Sausage Benedict
Breakfast Sausage Benedict

The Breakfast Sausage Benedict consisted of a cheddar scone cut in half and topped with sausage, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. The scone was buttery, moist and served as a great base. Much different than the usual English muffin. The sausage was different than what I expected. It looked like Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage (but tasted a million times better). It had a little bit of spice to it which shone through all the other ingredients and gave the entire dish a morning kick. As soon as I finished, I greedily soaked up the remaining egg yolk using the remnants of the cheddar scone.

Angry Frittata
Angry Frittata

The Angry Frittata was good, but needed the hot hot jam to spice it up. Without the jam, the egg whites, fontina cheese and other ingredients left a bland taste in my mouth. However, the jam brought it all together and added exactly what the dish needed. Fair warning, Five Points calls it ‘hot hot jam’ for a reason. This jam is extremely hot. 


Service was very attentive without being overbearing. Great job.


The Breakfast Sausage Benedict and Angry Frittata were both $15 and sides were $7. Everything at Five Points is ordered a la carte. I wasn’t too thrilled with this since most breakfast places include home fries at the very least with each meal. Seven dollars for sides seems like an easy way to jack up prices. That being said, each dish was very large and you don’t necessarily need sides to fill yourself up.

The Verdict

I had a very relaxing brunch at Five Points. The restaurant is clearly packed on weekends for a reason. The food was delicious and well prepared, and the service matched. Despite it being packed, we were never rushed. I’m adding Five Points to my New York City brunch list and definitely will be back in the near future. 

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