Among other things, New York City is known for egg and cheese on a roll, Miami is known for Cuban sandwiches and Delaware has its scrapple. Much of the United States can be identified by its eclectic culinary landscape. Taking this to heart, Grub Street compiled a list of 41 hyper-regional sandwiches from areas across the U.S.

This list doesn’t have those famous sandwiches you’d expect to be included in lists such as this. Po’boys, lobster rolls, cheesesteaks, etc. are absent. Instead, the list digs deep into sandwiches only found in particular pockets of America. As Grub Street explains, “These are creations you probably haven’t heard of unless you live in their natural home.”

This list has some crazy sandwiches (Chow Mein sandwich, Brain sandwich). Check it out and discover some local creations to try out the next time you find yourself on the road.

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich
Photo courtesy of Grub Street