Restaurant: Bareburger – 33-21 31st Avenue, Astoria, New York (and various locations)

It’s time for another burger post. Only this time, we’re taking the burgers to another level – a healthier level (at least as healthy as a burger can get). At Bareburger, taste and variety is king. The restaurants partner with organic farmers to bring high quality meats to the table as well as outfit their restaurants with reclaimed and recycled materials. Bareburger currently has more than 10 locations throughout the metro New York area


Bareburger claims it uses recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials in all its restaurants. It definitely shows. The interior of Bareburger is surrounded in brick. This brick, along with wood accents, gives off a very rustic and almost organic (it’s fitting, isn’t it?) feel. In keeping with the Bareburger name, there is plenty of bear paraphernalia throughout. 

Bareburger Fries and Rings Combo
Fries and Rings Combo


The menu at Bareburger is all over the place, in a good way. The menu is designed to be customized, down to the smallest detail. Unique burger creations (California, Maui Wowie, Mediterranean, etc.) can be made with nearly every meat out there. You can go the route of more traditional meat such as beef and turkey or go more adventurous and give wild boar, elk, ostrich or bison a try. Next step is the bun, and you get to customize again here with options such as a traditional brioche bun, multi-grain roll, wrap, lettuce or a tapioca rice bun. There must be hundreds of possible burger combinations alone.

Bareburger Original Burger
Original Burger in Lettuce

We ordered:

  • Roadhouse: pepperjack, country bacon, hass avocado, fire roasted red peppers, sweet apple grilled onions, smoked paprika mayo (recommended with bison) on a brioche bun
  • Originalcolby jack, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, raw red onions, special sauce (recommended with beef) on lettuce
  • Fries and rings combo

The fry and ring combo is a staple for me every time I visit Bareburger. A big basket of fries and onion rings are served with four different types of dipping sauces. The fries are unsalted but the sodium isn’t even missed slightly thanks to these sauces which really kick these fries up a notch. The onion rings are extremely crispy and a good size.

Bareburger Roadhouse Burger
Roadhouse Burger

The roadhouse burger was next up and this burger is piled high with toppings. So much so that a skewer is put through the center to make sure everything stays in place. The bison is cooked perfectly and there is an insane amount of avocado. Depsite all these toppings, the entire burger is easy to bite through. That’s not to say the burger isn’t messy. I won’t say it’s a 5 Napkin Burger, but it’s definitely close to four.


Bareburger was packed the night we went but the service didn’t falter. The food came out quickly and we were able to fly through our meal. I’ve never had a bad experience with service here. 


The prices for burgers are in the low teens, depending on what you get. With all these toppings and the ability to customize them to your liking, Bareburger gives you a lot for your money. Good value. 

The Verdict

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of Bareburger. I love all of the different types of burgers on the menu and the fact that you can select from a wide variety of meats and bread in order to create your own burger creation. The food at Bareburger is always delicious and cooked perfectly. I will be back and I recommend you check them out too.

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