Restaurant: The Shady Lady – 34-19 30th Avenue, Astoria, New York

I’ve got a new favorite lady in Astoria when it’s brunch time and she’s a little mysterious. Welcome to one of the newest Astoria residents, The Shady Lady. (You can start gagging at how corny that joke was right about… now.)


The interior of The Shady lady is covered in deep, rich colors. Aside exposed brick on one wall, metallic shades of copper, gold and silver add highlights throughout the interior, nicely complementing the dark wood tables. There are probably about 15 or so tables as well as a few places at the bar. I’m not sure if it was because The Shady Lady is still relatively new or what, but on a Sunday around 1 p.m. the restaurant was only about half full.

Interior of The Shady Lady
Interior of The Shady Lady


The Shady Lady’s brunch menu is very diverse, with everything from regular old eggs or oatmeal to more creative dishes such as Jack and Coke French Toast and Back to Bed Mac n Cheese. There is a good balance of both sweet and savory dishes on the menu so everyone can get what they’re looking for. Best part, all brunch entrees include your choice of a Bloody Mary, mimosa or sangria plus coffee, orange juice or cranberry juice.

After taking one look, I immediately knew what I was getting. I ordered:

  • Fried Chicken: bacon, cheddar, white sausage gravy
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

WOW. This dish was an explosion of flavors. A large piece of fried chicken sits on top a sliced country-style biscuit and is covered in cheddar cheese, two crisscrossing slabs of thick bacon and smothered with white sausage gravy. The bacon alone had such a rich flavor it literally caught me by surprise. One of the aspects I really liked about this dish was there wasn’t too much cheddar cheese so the other components really shone through. Using the last of the buttery and moist biscuits to mop up the leftover sausage gravy made my taste buds EXTREMELY happy.


Our waitress was extremely friendly and more than happy to shoot the breeze with us. Since it was our first time here, she gladly walked us through the ins and outs of the menu as well as told us what the ‘favorites’ were.


Prices at The Shady Lady range from $8 for oatmeal up to $21 for steak and eggs. However, the majority of brunch items are in the $15-18 range. For the price of my meal, plus the Bloody Mary and orange juice I received, I think the value here is tremendous. For the flavor alone I’d come close to paying that amount.

The Verdict

In case you couldn’t tell, I loved The Shady Lady. The food exploded with flavor and put me in a great mood to start my day. Everything from the interior to our waitress to the delicious food was just right and I left with a big smile on my face. Welcome, The Shady Lady to Astoria. You’ll see me again real soon!

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