After receiving a gift from the Baconery (911 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, New York), I’ve come to realize you can put bacon in anything, especially sweets. The Baconery, does just that. Bacon caramels, assorted cookies with bacon, bacon brownies, chocolate bacon pretzel rods, bacon macaroons and strips of bacon covered in chocolate, are only some of the items that make up the Baconery’s menu.

Chocolate Covered Bacon
Mmmmm… Bacon
(Valentine’s Day Bacon)

I had the opportunity to try some of the chocolate covered bacon and was blown away. I won’t lie, this bacon isn’t for the lighthearted. The saltiness of the bacon contrasts against the sugar in the chocolate and creates a flavor explosion. After only a couple bites you want to throw in the towel but push on until you finish the entire chocolate-covered strip, only to look down and realize there are five more to go.

I eat a lot, but was only able to eat one of these pieces of bacon a day. They were so rich in flavor that I had to space them out over the course of a week. Not that I was complaining. All that meant was chocolate covered bacon for an entire week!

The Baconery has both an online shop for those outside of New York City and a physical location with a broader menu consisting of sandwiches (with bacon, of course).

The Verdict

Wow. Just wow. My mind was blown after having a piece of chocolate covered bacon. Go to the Baconery, order online from the Baconery, dip your own bacon in chocolate, do whatever it takes to taste this deliciousness. Next time I’m on the Upper West Side you better believe I’m going to be stopping at the Baconery for a chocolate-bacon treat. If you haven’t already placed an order, I highly recommend checking them out!