Restaurant: Mel’s Burger Bar – 2850 Broadway, Manhattan, New York

When I heard there is a place in New York City that offers all you can drink beer plus all you can eat wings and sliders for $24.95, I had to check it out. That place is Mel’s Burger Bar.


Mel’s Burger Bar is a restaurant at heart. I was there for a birthday party and our group of about 15 people clearly stood out among the other diners eating (we weren’t the quietest group). Don’t let that make you think the place is quiet. The restaurant is definitely energetic with waiters/waitresses running around and groups of friends and families happily chowing down on food.

Mel's Burger Bar
Mel’s Burger Bar

Mel’s Burger Bar is a big place. The interior has a black and white checkered tile floor that is covered with lots of tables (for 140 people to be exact). A bar sits in the center with even more seating. The theme here is exposed brick. The interior is flanked with exposed brick and wood ceiling beams. Adding to the atmosphere is an illuminated six-foot tall sign reminding you where you are.


We were here for the all you can drink beer plus all you can eat wings and sliders deal. I was unsure what this would end up looking like since some restaurants with similar deals often disappoint. However, Mel’s Burger Bar was the exact opposite.

The sliders came out three to a plate. They were individually wrapped in paper and topped with cheese, a slice of tomato, onions and pickles. The sliders were a very good size and much bigger than I was expecting. They were very tender, juicy and perfectly cooked. The buns were regular white hamburger buns so nothing special there, but overall, these sliders were delicious.

Sliders at Mel's Burger Bar

The wings were equally as good. The presentation of the wings was what really caught my eye. They came out in a basket with chives sprinkled on top, giving the impression of gourmet wings. Once again, better than I was expecting. You had the option of getting barbecue, hot or regular wings. I opted for the hot wings and they packed a little bit of a punch. I greedily downed these wings and kept them coming.

The sliders and wings were delicious and left me extremely stuffed. After three plates of each, I felt like I was ready to explode.


Our waiter kept the beer flowing and the sliders and wings coming. Our entire group never had an empty glass and as the day progressed, sliders and wings just started showing up without us even having to ask. The waiter also readily joked around with us and wasn’t shy speaking up in order to be heard among our loud group – much appreciated. The service couldn’t have been any better.


You get all you can drink beer plus all you can eat sliders and wings for $24.95. Tell me what’s a better value than that? Six plates of food and many beers later, I felt disgusting, but got more than my money’s worth.

If you’re someone that likes to do the math, sliders are around $12 and wings are $11. So if you get a plate of each, you’ve already nearly met the price of this special.

The Verdict

I like to eat and I’m not shy about eating mass quantities of food. The all you can drink/all you can eat deal at Mel’s Burger Bar is an incredible deal. The food blows away your expectations and you’re left in amazement as they bring out plate after plate of unlimited food. The service is equally as good. This was some of the best money I’ve spent on food recently. I highly recommend Mel’s Burger Bar and this special. I will be back and want to try some of the other items on the menu.

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