What’s the New York Burger Appreciation Society (NYBAS) you ask? Only one of the best presents ever given. (Thanks, Hailey.)

The NYBAS seeks out the best best burgers in Manhattan and delivers them straight to you once a week on the day of your choosing. Fries can also be added because what’s a burger without fries? The burger arrives fresh out of the kitchen and ready for you to scarf down. Later that afternoon, NYBAS sends out an email explaining where the burger was from and a little bit about it the burger itself or restaurant. Best yet, tax, tip, delivery and all that jazz are included so no need to bring your wallet when you greet the delivery guy.

So without further ado, onto burger number one from Blue 9 Burger.

Restaurant: Blue 9 Burger – 92 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Triple Decker Burger and Fries
Triple Decker Burger and Fries

The burger from Blue 9 Burger was its Triple Decker Burger. Talk about a way to kick off four weeks of burger delivery.

  • Triple Decker Burger: three patties with melted American cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, pickles and mustard

Blue 9 Burger can be considered somewhat of a fast food place and it showed. This burger was greasy, with the paper wrapping soaking up a good amount of it. Three patties were layered on top of each other with each one receiving a generous and nicely melted portion of American cheese. Caramelized onions and mustard topped the burger and a perfectly toasted bun rounded out this concoction. It’s important to note that the patties weren’t incredibly thick (think slightly larger than McDonald’s size) so the burger wasn’t too big to bite into.

Triple Decker Burger
Triple Decker Burger

The burger was very cheesy and very juicy. The meat was definitely fresh and tender, basically melting in my mouth after each bite. Kudos to Blue 9 Burger on that. There was also a strong flavor of mustard in each bite which I typically don’t get on burgers so that was something new – I didn’t hate it. The bun was just a regular white bun but the fact that it was toasted brought it up a notch. As a whole, the sandwich was pretty sloppy but that’s to be expected when you pile three patties on top of each other and load them with cheese.

A side of fries accompanied the burger. Despite being delivery, they were still somewhat crunchy which was a huge plus. Similar to the burger, the fries were very greasy but they weren’t overly salted so they get points for that.

The Verdict

Blue 9 Burger is on the same level as Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The burger was perfectly cooked and hit the spot. Despite it being greasy and sloppy, the cheese and mustard really kicked in and gave it a good overall flavor. The bun was also perfectly toasted which provided a nice crunch to contrast the tender meat. If I had a choice between Five Guys or Blue 9 Burger, the choice is easily Five Guys, however, I won’t hesitate to hit up Blue 9 Burger again if I come across it.

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