Restaurant: Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe – 385 Main Street South, Southbury, Connecticut

Growing up in Connecticut, I’ve wanted to try Nardelli’s for a long time; after all, they’ve been voted number one grinder in Connecticut by Connecticut Magazine year after year. On a recent trip back home, I finally got the opportunity to give Nardelli’s a try, and boy was I impressed.


Nardelli’s is a sandwich shop so don’t expect any frills or fancy tables here. At the Southbury location there are a handful of tables but the main focus is on the deli case, standing right before you when you walk in.


Nardelli's Italian Grinder
Italian Combo

Nardelli’s certainly doesn’t skimp out on meat in their sandwiches. Compared to the underwhelming experience of most chain sandwich shops (Subway), Nardelli’s sets itself apart by going overboard (in a good way) on meat and toppings. During my visit, I ordered:

  • Italian Combo: pruzitini, capicola, salami, provolone, mayo, lettuce, classic mix (diced veggies), olives and hot sauce

This sandwich was overflowing with three different types of meat. Additionally, Nardelli’s differentiates itself in another way, through it’s diced vegetable mix it adds to all its sandwiches. Consisting of diced and marinated sweet bell peppers, onions and cucumbers, this was a unique condiment that gave the sandwich a healthy and tasty crunch. The hot sauce also gave this sandwich a hint of spiciness which I love. I ordered a whole grinder (you have the option of a 1/2 or full size) and I was stuffed after finishing the whole thing.


Once again, this is a sandwich shop so don’t expect anyone waiting tables. After ordering, we paid at the cash register and our sandwiches were promptly brought out to us after they were made.


The Italian combo is about eight dollars and worth every penny. Stuffed to the brim with meat, cheeses, vegetables and condiments, this sandwich was easily worth the eight dollars, especially considering other sub-par sandwich shops gladly charge this price for 1/2 the sandwich.

The Verdict

Nardelli’s is my new favorite sandwich place whenever I’m home in Connecticut. They blow away any chain or franchise sandwich shops I’ve ever been to, on both quality and value. I definitely will be back to Nardelli’s and cannot wait until my next trip home to do so.

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