Restaurant: Knave – 119 West 56th Street, Manhattan, New York

I recently read about Knave at Le Parker Meridien having some of the best hot chocolate in the midtown Manhattan area. So naturally, Hailey and I had to go check it out. Unfortunately, while the hot chocolate was good, it left a lot to be desired, and the service was horrendous.

Interior of Knave
Knave Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate


The interior of Knave is gorgeous. Plush chairs surround tables sitting below a vaulted ceiling with intricate chandeliers. A small bar lines the middle of one wall where a bartender works his magic making coffee or other drinks. On a Saturday afternoon there were only a handful of people occupying the tables and the atmosphere could best be described as relaxed and quiet.


Since I’d heard about the hot chocolate at Knave, I had to order it. We ordered a hot chocolate and cafe mocha, unfortunately, we only got to try the hot chocolate since the cafe mocha never made it to our table.

The hot chocolate was good, but not great. I’ve had this “European” style of hot chocolate before where it literally is like melted chocolate in a cup. While Knave tried to accomplish this, it only gave you a small taste – filling up a coffee cup only about a quarter of the way. I’ll admit, I don’t want an entire coffee cup filled with liquid chocolate, but for the price, I think you should get a little bit more than just a taste.


As I mentioned above, there were only a handful of guests at Knave but the staff couldn’t seem to get a simple order of a hot chocolate and cafe mocha correct. The hot chocolate quickly arrived at our table but we had to remind the waitress twice about the cafe mocha. Even after this, it was clear the bartender hadn’t even started making it. Since we’d finished the hot chocolate long ago, we decided to pack it in and do without our other drink.

To the waitress’s credit, she realized they’d screwed up and gave us our hot chocolate on the house. However, I was amazed they couldn’t even get two drinks correct while the place wasn’t busy.


The hot chocolate was six dollars for a small tiny bit of melted chocolate in a cup. I know we were at the Le Parker Meridien, but I think this was pretty overpriced. I was expecting a little bit more than what we received.

The Verdict

Knave disappointed me. I was expecting a great cup of hot chocolate, but instead got a mediocre cup with terrible service. I will not be heading back to Knave and do not recommend it.

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