Restaurant: Sidecar – 560 5th Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets, Brooklyn, New York

Back in February I visited Sidecar and raved about the restaurant’s fried chicken and moules frites. So, when I found myself back in Brooklyn visiting my brother, I made sure Sidecar was a stop along the route. We found ourselves stopping by before their dinner service so we got to experience their “in between” menu.

Sidecar Interior Brooklyn
Interior of Sidecar


The atmosphere at Sidecar is relaxed and laid back. There are a bunch of booths that line one side of the restaurant with the long bar lining the other wall. The entire restaurant has warm feel to it with a great majority of the colors centering around copper, red and yellow. The roof is a perfect example, with this vaulted ceiling being lined with gorgeous tin decorations.


The “in between” menu at Sidecar fell well short of what I had hoped. Granted I did have my sights set on dinner, the “in between” menu had a very small selection and wasn’t really what I was looking for. I sucked it up though and ordered:

  • Cubano: marinated roast pork, ham, swiss, pickles on toasted ciabatta, chayote slaw, plaintain chips
Cubano Sandwich
Cubano Sandwich

I’m not a huge fan of pickles so I should probably throw that out there first. Push aside the pickles, and the cubano sandwich still didn’t impress me. It lacked any real flavor that I was hoping for and the bottom half of the bread was soggy. If there was one highlight, it would be the plantain chips. These were delicious – perfectly salted and crunchy – they kept me coming back for more.


The sandwiches and other food on the “in between” menu are slightly overpriced. The cubano sandwich is priced at $15. I don’t know what makes this a $15 sandwich and think they could shave off a couple dollars to make this more reasonably priced.

The Verdict

Sidecar is one of my top places for dinner in Brooklyn. However, I wish they would step it up with their “in between” menu. Come here for dinner… anytime. Come here for this “in between menu… I don’t recommend it. 

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