Two Boots – Various Locations

Yes, I know it may not be on top of many people’s lists as the best pizza in New York City, but Two Boots holds its own, and then some, among the City’s numerous pizza places.

Night Tripper
Night Tripper

The thing I love about Two Boots is it offers character and variety, and a lot of it. Creative pies ranging from The Newman to Mr. Pink to Larry Tate are whipped up daily and take you away from the typical plain cheese slice. These creative names are on put on display with an accompanying picture next to each pie in the display case.

While the toppings are creative, Two Boots doesn’t forget about the most important part of the pizza, the crust. Two Boots’ crust is consistently perfectly cooked, with a nice and loud crunch to it during each bite. The bottom is dusted with cornmeal that you can taste, adding to the overall flavor of the slice. A perfect combination in my book.

On a recent trip, I ordered:

  • Kraken: a monstrous amount of sweet Italian sausage, andouille, red onions, ricotta and jalapenos on a round Sicillian
  • Night Tripper: sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and jalapeno pesto on a white pie
Two Boots Pizza
Kraken and Night Tripper Slices

As usual, this pizza hit the spot. The Night Tripper is my go-to slice at Two Boots and the jalapeno pesto gives it just enough of a kick to wake you up so you can make it home after a long night out. The Kraken is a newcomer just for the month of October and it was equally as good (not that I doubted it wouldn’t be). This was a loaded Sicilian slice that had enough meat and cheese to fill me up and then some.

As a side note for those wondering why it’s called Two Boots: this pizza place was created in the East Village back in the late 80s by two filmmakers who loved pizza and all things New Orleans – the two ‘boots’ represent the geographic shapes of Italy and Louisiana.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a departure from a boring plain slice of pizza, Two Boots has your name on it. I think it’s clear that I’m a huge fan of this place as they put together some very unique topping combinations along with a crispy, thin crust. Two Boots hasn’t seen the last of me and I highly recommend checking out one of its locations.

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