Rizzo’s Fine Pizza – 30-13 Steinway Street, Astoria, New York

Onto another Astoria pizza place – Rizzos. I grabbed a couple slices from this place last Sunday after the Jets 34-0 embarrassment against the 49ers. A few good slices were definitely needed to boost my spirits.

Rizzo’s is your typical pizza place on the inside. A few tables populate the interior with a counter upfront displaying the different types of pizza they have available. The staff is extremely friendly and after I ordered, joked around with me about the Jets loss.

I decided to give two types of pizza a try – a regular plain slice and what Rizzo’s is known for – a square Sicilian slice.

Rizzo's Fine Pizza
Rizzo’s Fine Pizza

Both slices had extremely thin crust that was light and airy. The crust of the pizza at the end was also built up to form almost a barrier. I was a little disappointed by the regular plain slice. It didn’t have much flavor and the crust had no crunch to it and didn’t really bring anything to the pizza as a whole. The square pie or Sicilian slice was a completely different ball game. This slice was delicious. It was almost overly simple – one long thin slice of mozzarella cheese was placed on top of tomato sauce for each slice. This was great since I love mozzarella cheese and despite the simplicity, the pizza had a great overall flavor. My only complaint was that I often found myself pulling the entire slide of cheese off the slice during each bite. The crust on the Sicilian slice had a nice crunch to it that was refreshing to hear after the floppy regular slice.

The Verdict

Rizzo’s Pizza has the thinnest crust I’ve had in Astoria so far. The crust is extremely light and airy, relying heavily on the tomato sauce and cheese to deliver a lot of the flavor. I recommend going with a slice of their square Sicilian pie since this was by far the best slice out of the two. I probably won’t go out of my way to have Rizzo’s again, but do recommend stopping by if you’re in the area and craving some pizza.

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