Dakota Roadhouse – 43 Park Place, Manhattan, NY

Move over burger joints in New York City, I think I may have found my new love.

For my friend Kim’s birthday last month she picked Dakota Roadhouse in the Financial District for some celebratory drinks. Dakota Roadhouse is a dive bar at its finest. The bar is outfitted with a pool table, darts, projection screen showing everything from sports to cartoons, and random decorations that just don’t seem to have a place. Even better, there are some great deals:

  • Mondays from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. the bartender flips a coin for whether you have to pay for your drink
  • Thursdays you can get a bucket of beers for $13

Luckily, Kim decided to have her drinks on a Thursday. Coincidence? I think not.

Dakota Roadhouse
Cheeseburger at Dakota Roadhouse

I wasn’t expecting on getting any food but I’m glad I did. Dakota Roadhouse has a small kitchen outfitted on one side of the bar where you can get some of the most unhealthy bar food you want. I immediately jumped on a cheeseburger and onion rings.

The cheeseburger was out of this world! It was enormous and perfectly cooked, with juices overflowing. It was also loaded with lots of cheese expertly melted over the entire burger. Dakota Roadhouse also put its burgers on English muffins. This gave it a nice crunch when you bit into it which a traditional hamburger bun wouldn’t have provided – I’m a fan. The onion rings were also delicious. They were a good size and the fried coating was very flaky, something I love about onion rings at certain places. While the burger probably wasn’t the healthiest thing I could have eaten, the onion rings most certainly were not. When I finished them there was a clear puddle of oil and grease at the bottom of the basket they came in. Slightly off-putting but some more $13 buckets of beer quickly helped me forget about it.

The Verdict

If you consider yourself a burger connoisseur or just plain love burgers, go to Dakota Roadhouse, now. This burger was delicious and definitely has entered the ranks as one of my favorites. Next time I’m down in the Financial District and looking for a place for a quick, inexpensive (around $8) bite to eat, Dakota Roadhouse will be on my list. I definitely will be back.

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