Restaurant: Molly Pitcher’s – 1641 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, New York

You may have noticed that the blog recently underwent a facelift. Thanks to Christy and Adina, Barton’s Bites now has a new logo and design.

As a thank you for all their hard work, Christy, Adina and I checked out Molly Pitcher’s on the Upper East Side.

The restaurant/bar was practically empty on a Thursday night around 7 with the bar drawing most of the crowd. Molly Pitcher’s has outdoor seating but we opted to sit in the front of the restaurant by one of two huge windows they have overlooking the street. These windows were opened and gave us a nice breeze and the feeling that we were outside.

MacMolly Burger at Molly Pitcher's
MacMolly Burger

The service at this place was nothing to write home about. The bartender seemed to be doubling as our waiter and it took a while for him to get our drinks and take our food order. We didn’t even bother getting a second round of drinks since he didn’t come over to ask. I also had to go up to the bar to ask for the check.

As far as the food goes, Christy and I saw the MacMolly Burger on the menu and had to order it. Adina took the (probably) healthier road and ordered the pulled pork sandwich.

  • MacMolly Burger: double patty, cheese, lettuce, pickle, 1000 Island sauce
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

The burger was your typical bar food. Nothing blew me away about it but it did differentiate itself by having the two patties and the thousand island dressing. The fries it came with also were nothing special. They needed a lot of salt but were crispy which I liked. Adina said that the pulled pork sandwich was very good and she ordered sweet potato fries instead which were much better than the regular ones.

The Verdict

Molly Pitcher’s is your destination for average bar food on the Upper East Side. I don’t expect anyone to go out of their way to go here for the food. But, if you’re in the area and craving some food or already at the bar, know that you can get a decent meal at a decent price. I’d come back if I was in the area and hungry.

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