Restaurant: Vamos! – 348 1st Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Practically everyone that lives in New York City is a fan of the Sunday brunch. Looking to add a Mexican flare to brunch? Head over to Vamos! for some Mexican brunch favorites and all-you-can-drink margaritas.

According to the Yelp reviews, the food and service at Vamos! isn’t great. In fact, while walking to the restaurant, it was one of the few brunch places that wasn’t packed – not a promising sign. We were seated outside and quickly ordered the unlimited margarita deal ($7 for as many frozen margaritas as you can drink in 90 minutes). We then proceeded to order our main meal:

Huevos con Queso, Aguacate y Tocino
Huevos con Queso, Aguacate y Tocino
  • Huevos con Queso, Aguacate y Tocino: avocado, bacon and cheddar cheese omelet
  • Huevos Rancheros: two eggs on a bed of corn tortillas, guacamole, refried beans, spicy salsa, ranchera, pico de gallo, sour cream and cheese
  • Breakfast Quesadilla: stuffed with eggs, chorizo and monterey
  • Pan a la Francesa: french toast stuffed with bananas, strawberries infused with tequila maple syrup

After waiting about 15 minutes, our margaritas still hadn’t shown up and our food was already starting to arrive! Luckily, Tim took it upon himself to hunt down our waitress who clearly had forgotten about us in the sea of emptiness that was Vamos! She quickly brought over the margaritas and to her credit, the rest of the time she was continuously coming over with a pitcher eagerly topping off our glasses. And boy, these margaritas were tasty.

While the Yelp reviews about the terrible service may have been partially right, they were completely wrong about the food. I ordered the Huevos con Queso, Aguacate y Tocino and it was delicious. There was an ample amount of melted cheese and bacon stuffed into the omelet and the avocado that topped the dish was something I’d never had before on an omelet but added to the overall flavor. The omelet also was accompanied by home fries which I thought were very tasty and had a nice consistency to them – not too hard but not too mushy (some other people I was with didn’t like them). There were some complaints about the stuffed french toast which wasn’t stuffed with anything at all but instead the fruit was just placed on the side. Maybe something was lost in translation?

The Verdict

The best part about brunch at Vamos! was of course the unlimited margaritas. The service was sub par but once the margaritas started flowing and the food came out it helped to make up for this. However, the unlimited margaritas could have just made both the food and service seem better than it actually was! The prices weren’t terrible but I most likely won’t be heading back to Vamos! unless I’m already in the area.

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