Restaurant: Rothmann’s Steakhouse and Grill – 3 East 54th Street, Manhattan, New York

The one thing this blog has been missing is a steakhouse review. I mean, what kind of men’s food blog exists without going to a steakhouse? To break this trend and dive into steak (and mostly for Hailey’s birthday dinner), I visited my favorite steakhouse in New York City – Rothmann’s.

Before last weekend, I had only visited Rothmann’s during weekdays when the bar was packed with a vibrant happy hour crowd and the dining room was equally as busy. However, on the weekends, this bustling weekday restaurant reveals its quieter side. On a Saturday night from 7:30 p.m. until we left around 11 p.m. Rothmann’s was virtually empty. There were only about five other tables and most waiters were busy standing around. I wasn’t complaining though. This allowed us to have a leisurely dinner – 3+ hours – and not feel rushed. Rothmann’s also has a more “hotel” feel to it than other steakhouses in New York City. They do pull through the wood motif of usual steakhouses but something about the interior reminds me of a hotel restaurant as opposed to a more intimate steakhouse such as Striphouse.

The food was up to its usual gold standard. Hailey and I truly took full advantage of all the menu had to offer and it’s a good thing we were there for more than three hours – we needed it to digest this feast. We ordered:

Rothmann's Steakhouse Porterhouse for Two
Porterhouse for Two. Photo Courtesy of Flickr (Tor-Ivar)
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Colossal Lump Crab Meat Cocktail
  • Porterhouse for Two
  • Bacon Asiago Potato Croquettes
  • Steamed asparagus
  • Warm Chocolate Creation

The highlight of the menu is obviously the steak. The Porterhouse for Two (also offered for 3 or 4 people) is a site to behold. The dish comes out on a tray pre-sliced so you can easily take your pick of the filet or strip. When its presented this way, you can see what truly stands before you – a porterhouse nearly three inches thick. I can’t even begin to do the flavor justice. The outside of the steak has an incredible sweet crunch to it that plays perfectly off the medium rare interior. (My stomach is growling now just thinking about it.) Aside from the steak, everything else we ate was delicious and cooked perfectly – another outstanding dish was the Colossal Lump Crab Meat Cocktail.

The Verdict

Rothmann’s reaffirmed its position in my book as one of my favorite steakhouses in New York City. The service was second to none and the food was outstanding. Similar to most steakhouses in the city, the prices aren’t cheap so plan accordingly. This may be best for when your parents are in town. Regardless, I think the only way I can stop dreaming about that porterhouse is to go back. I definitely will be paying Rothmann’s another return visit.

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