Restaurant: Harry’s Cafe & Steak – 1 Hanover Square, Manhattan, New York

I’ve been wanting to have brunch at Harry’s Cafe & Steak for a long time. Luckily, it was my friend Tim’s birthday a couple weeks ago and we headed over to Harry’s for a Saturday brunch.

Harry's Steak & Cafe, Financial District, New York City
Harry's Steak & Cafe

Harry’s definitely has the feel and decor of a steakhouse. The inside is massive, with a stunning bar and what seems like a labyrinth of room after room filled with tables. For brunch, the menu at Harry’s is somewhat similar to your typical brunch menu. However, there are some menu items with steak (of course). Prices are somewhat on the expensive side so expect to spend around $20 or so on your meal. However, brunch is accompanied by unlimited champagne for no extra charge so after a couple glasses you won’t be complaining about the prices. (Note that orange juice or other mixers for the champagne is an extra charge.)

We went around the table ordering everything from the Two Handed BLT to the Hanover Steak & Cheese Sandwich to the Steak & Eggs (my choice). Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, but the portions were massive. The BLT and steak and cheese sandwich were absolutely enormous and must have been made using an entire baguette. The steak and eggs was not as big as some of the sandwiches but I figure that this is because I had a nice piece of steak on my plate. The steak was very good. It melted in my mouth and had a great flavor. This was my first experience having steak and eggs and all in all it was pretty good. However, next time I visit Harry’s I’ll most likely skip the steak and eggs and order one of the sandwiches – the portion size is much bigger and the cost is a little bit less.

The Verdict

Harry‘s Cafe & Steak is a great place for a drunk brunch. With all you can drink champagne and massive portions, it’s the perfect setting to hunker down and spend a couple hours enjoying some great food with great company. While the steak and eggs was very good, I would order one of the other menu items since these portions are much larger and give you a bigger bang for your buck. Like a good New York City steakhouse, the service is top notch, even during brunch, and they make sure that you are having a good time and enjoying some great food.

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