Restaurant: Omonia Cafe – 32-20 Broadway at 33rd Street, Queens, New York

Warning: I’m about to bombard you with pictures of various Greek desserts and other pastries such as:

  • Galactoboureko: Traditional milk (semolina) custard dessert baked between phyllo in a light syrup
  • Glase (Troufa): Layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with dark chocolate custard
  • Fruit Tart: Pie crust filled with strawberries, custard cream topped with fresh fruits
Pastries and Deserts at Omonia Cafe, Astoria, Queens, New York City
Pastries and Desserts at Omonia Cafe
Galactoboureko at Omonia Cafe Astoria, Queens, New York City
Glase (Troufa) at Omonia Cafe, Astoria, Queens, New York City
Glase (Troufa)
Fruit Tart at Omonia Cafe, Astoria, Queens, New York City
Fruit Tart

To answer your first question, no, I didn’t eat all of these by myself. I was on a sugar high though after tasting all of them!

If you’re around the Broadway subway stop in Astoria I recommend you stop into Omonia Cafe. This cafe didn’t blow me out of the water. However, as you can tell from the pictures, the desserts that they have are all delicious. In fact, they have so many different types of pastries and cakes that they have three different stores, all next to each other, showcasing all their homemade creations.If you don’t want to satisfy your sugar craving, it’s at least worth a stop to see everything they have. It can be quite overwhelming.

While the chocolate cake and fruit tart could arguably be found anywhere, the highlight was definitely the Galactoboureko. Instead of ordering the usual Baklava, we decided to try something new. The Galactoboureko was very sweet and saturated in a light syrup. The custard that was baked in between the phyllo was equally as light and gave this dessert a nice airy consistency. In short, the sweetness and texture made this dessert a nice treat that was different than anything I’ve had before. I would definitely order it again.

The other highlight was the coffee. I ordered an Iced Frappe which is described as whipped coffee, with our without milk and sugar. In reality, it’s instant coffee with milk and lots of sugar. While you can order it without a lot of sugar, I decided I might as well keep up the sugar trend and went all out. Sweet is an understatement for what I got. It was good. However, the instant coffee flavor was not my favorite.

The Verdict

If you’re in the area, I recommend heading to Omonia Cafe. However, don’t go out of your way to head there. Aside from the Greek Galactoboureko, which I would love to have again, the other desserts were nothing special. Additionally, the service was terrible and we practically had to beg to get our check so we could leave. If I have a sweet tooth next time in the area, I will stop in to have some Greek pastries. I’ll be avoiding the other run-of-the-mill desserts.

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