Restaurant: Ovelia – 34-01 30th Avenue at 34th Street, Queens, New York

I previously wrote about the dinner menu at Ovelia in Astoria and complimented them for delicious tasting food and a wide variety of menu options. I also noted that Ovelia has, according to some people, one of the best brunch dishes in New York City – stuffed french toast with Greek yogurt, honey whip and a side of Ovelia’s homemade sausage.

Stuffed French Toast at Ovelia
Stuffed French Toast with Homemade Sausage

When I visited Ovelia for brunch I of course had to order the stuffed French toast with a side of sausage. This dish consisted of two very thick pieces of French toast with powdered sugar on top. They seemed to be partially cut horizontally and stuffed with Greek yogurt and honey whip. I added some maple syrup on top and dove right in. I’ll admit, for the past couple months I’ve been on a Greek yogurt kick so this French toast was already a winner in my book. The Greek yogurt with honey whip added a nice sweetness to the french toast and the flavor was unlike anything I had tasted before. This is an innovative dish with very unique flavors. I would caution against overloading it with syrup so you can really get the taste of the yogurt and honey whip.

While the French toast was good, the real highlight of this dish was the homemade sausage. It was absolutely amazing. It had a nice crunch to it and a little bit of spiciness. The next time I visit Ovelia, no matter what I order I will definitely be asking for a side of this sausage.

The Verdict

The stuffed French toast at Ovelia was very good and definitely had a unique flavor to it. I can’t stop talking about the homemade sausage. Combined, I would recommend ordering this dish if you ever find yourself at Ovelia for brunch. From my previous dinner experience and my most recent brunch, it is clear that they take great care in preparing their food and the flavor shines through. Go to Ovelia for brunch. Order the stuffed French toast.