Restaurant: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza – Various locations throughout New York

Like spinach and artichoke dip? Like pizza? Like the idea of combining the two? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then artichoke pizza is calling your name.

After three years of living in New York City, I finally got around to grabbing a slice at Artichoke. These three years were filled of my friends being in astonishment upon hearing I’d never been to this place.

Artichoke Pizza in New York City
A Slice of Artichoke Pizza

I visited the Artichoke down on MacDougal Street mid-day on a Saturday. To my relief, the place was pretty much empty. (Come midnight, all of Artichoke’s locations have a line of drunk people out the door looking for a slice.) I ordered the trademark artichoke slice (when in Rome). What came out was a pizza topped with different types of cheeses (I think I at least tasted mozzarella and ricotta), artichokes, spinach and a similar sort of sauce . It tasted like I was literally eating spinach and artichoke dip on pizza. The pizza had an extremely thick crust that was extra crispy on the bottom – something I look for in a good pizza.

In addition to their trademark artichoke pizza, I overheard them saying that they also had a crab meat and lobster sauce pizza. This of course will be something I will be trying next time I visit.

The Verdict

A slice of artichoke pizza costs $4.50 and with me eating it, only lasts for all of two minutes. I won’t deny that it tasted great, the spinach and artichoke topping was different from anything I’ve ever had and I probably will be back. However, if it’s late at night I don’t think it’s worth braving a line out the door. Unless you’re looking for a nice pizza treat and there’s no line, save some money and head down the street to get a slice that costs half as much.

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