In addition to pancake month at Clinton Street Baking Company, February also brings City Bakery’s annual Hot Chocolate Festival (3 West 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, Manhattan, New York).

Hot Chocolate at City Bakery. Photo courtesy of NY Daily News.

Every day in February, City Bakery serves up a different flavored hot chocolate. And don’t expect just a small, run-of-the-mill hot chocolate, the hot chocolate at City Bakery is like drinking liquid chocolate. For those of you that have traveled to Europe, think of how hot chocolate is served overseas. I swear they just take a chocolate bar and melt it down into a cup. To top it all off, an enormous marshmallow is placed on top.

Additionally, City Bakery has lots of delicious homemade sweets, ranging from cookies to brownies, for you to enjoy with your hot chocolate.

Come down to City Bakery sometime this February to enjoy some of the below flavors.

  • 1st – Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate
  • 2nd – Espresso Hot Chocolate
  • 3rd – Ginger Hot Chocolate
  • 4th – Banana Peel Hot Chocolate
  • 5th – Super Bowl Hot Chocolate
  • 6th – Lemon Hot Chocolate
  • 7th – Tropical Hot Chocolate
  • 8th – Vietnamese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
  • 9th – Milk Hot Chocolate
  • 10th – Bourbon Hot Chocolate
  • 11th – Caramel Hot Chocolate
  • 12th – “Happy” Hot Chocolate
  • 13th – Darkest Dark Hot Chocolate
  • 14th – Love Potion Hot Chocolate
  • 15th – Moulin Rouge Hot Chocolate
  • 16th – Hondouran Hot Chocolate
  • 17th – Beer Hot Chocolate
  • 18th – On a Peanut Butter Barge Hot Chocolate
  • 19th – Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate
  • 20th – Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate
  • 21st – Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate
  • 22nd – Ode to the Polar Bear Hot Chocolate
  • 23rd – What Would Faulkner Drink?
  • 24th – Beer Hot Chocolate
  • 25th – Chinese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
  • 26th – Banana Peel Hot Chocolate
  • 27th – Espresso Hot Chocolate
  • 28th – Ginger Hot Chocolate
  • 29th – Leap Year Hot Chocolate

Ok – that’s a pretty exhaustive list. Which one is your favorite?