Boston Pizza Does Not Belong in New York City

Boston Pizza – 37-02 Broadway, Astoria, New York

There are those times late at night when you come home from the bar and are in search of something, anything to satisfy a food craving. More often than not, at least for me, that something is a slice of pizza. Out in Astoria, there are a relatively few number of places open very late at night/early in the morning to grab a slice. However, when all hope is lost, you see Boston Pizza in the distance like a guiding light. Unfortunately, once you get your slice of pizza and take the first, highly anticipated bite, that guiding light is quickly extinguished.

Boston Pizza Astoria

Boston PIzza

I wish I could say something good about the pizza at Boston Pizza but it fails to live up to New York City pizza standards. The crust, which is arguably the most important part, is extremely flaky, buttery and tastes like an actual piece of bread – something I’ve never come across before. The cheese and sauce are fine, but it’s the crust that really detracts from this pizza and leaves a lasting impression.

The Verdict

Since beggars can’t be choosers when everything else around is closed, Boston Pizza does its job – filling up your stomach. However, the pizza here is far from what you expect at a New York City pizzeria. I don’t plan on going back to Boston Pizza (unless its late at night and everything else is closed) and do not recommend going here. If this is what pizza is like in Boston, I’ll pick New York all day long.

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