Junko is My Go-To for Sushi in Astoria

Restaurant: Junko – 33-02 Broadway, Queens, NY

When it comes to sushi, I’m not a cheap date. I’m good for at least three rolls and could probably put away a few more if it weren’t for that thing called the bill which I consequently need to pay.

For anyone in Astoria that’s also a sushi lover, Junko is the place to go. This restaurant is small – with seating for around 20 or so people. However, don’t worry about getting a table. Junko is busy, but I’ve never seen the restaurant packed and securing a table is always easy.

Junko Sushi

In one word – delicious.

On a recent trip to Junko, I ordered:

  • Sweetie Roll: crunchy, spicy salmon and avocado topped with salmon and served with spicy mayonnaise sauce
  • Super Spicy Tuna Roll: blue crab, spicy tuna, lobster, avocado and cream cheese wrapped with crispy panko. Served with the chef`s special sauce
  • Godzilla Rollcrunchy spicy tuna wrapped with avocado and served with spicy mayo

The rolls at Junko are enormous compared to your run-of-the-mill sushi joint. They aren’t hesitant to load them up and the flavor of each ingredient really comes through. I loved every single roll I ordered (I had no doubt I would). The best one was probably the Super Spicy Tuna Roll. This roll wasn’t overly spicy as promised by it’s name, but the combination of tuna, lobster, avocado and cream cheese was unlike anything I had ever had in a sushi roll. While sushi traditionalists may scoff at this “Americanized sushi creation,” my stomach was happy and so was I.

The Verdict

Junko has my vote as one of the best, if not the best, sushi restaurant in Astoria. Just thinking about them is making me crave some sushi right now. I highly recommend paying Junko a visit if you’re ever in the area. You won’t be disappointed.

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4 thoughts on “Junko is My Go-To for Sushi in Astoria

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